Easter Statement 2010

The National Irish Freedom Committee sends fraternal Easter greetings to Irish Republicans throughout the world on this the 94th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. There will be commemorations of this most historic event around the globe. The Diaspora was cast worldwide and with it came the ideals of Fenianism: the establishment of an independent 32 County Irish Republic.


In America, the Fenian Brotherhood, and later Clan na Gael, were instrumental in keeping the Irish Separatist tradition alive. This American support played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for the 1916 Easter Rising. Irish women and men in America would remain loyal in the ensuing years to the Republic of Pearse and Connolly.


After England sent their terrorists -- the Black and Tans -- to crush the spirit of freedom of the Irish people, and later when England bought off the Free Staters and sent them out with their English guns to do the same, Republicanism was driven underground. It was wounded, yes, but remained alive. The Republican Movement today remains dedicated to the establishment of an independent 32 county Irish Republic.

This week, throughout the 32 Counties there will be commemorations organized by those who -- despite everything thrown at them by the apparatus of both states -- remain firm and resolute in the cause of Irish freedom. To those who continue to support the Republic of Easter Week: we send them our solidarity and our pledge that we will continue to stand with them.


In the aftermath of the so called Irish Civil War some former colleagues broke from the Republican Movement. It would sadly not be the only time that such departures occurred. On each occasion former Republicans would allow themselves to be led by the nose up the blind alley of 'constitutional nationalism.' Somehow, the same old story was sold as a "New Departure' again and again.


At the 1986 Sinn Fein Ard Fheis, the Adams/McGuinness leadership cast aside Republicanism, breaking with fundamental principles. By their recognition of Leinster House they accepted the British-imposed 26 County Parliament as a legitimate governing body and, therefore, acceptance of the British partition of Ireland.


Led by Ruaırí Ó Brádaıgh, those delegates who remained dedicated to the Republic walked out and along with Dáıthí Ó Conaıll, Des Long, Geraldine Taylor, Joe O'Neill and other stalwarts, helped reorganize as Republican Sınn Féın. Because of such dedication, the Republic proclaimed on Easter Week 1916 survived yet another setback.


Our own organization (CnSN) was founded shortly thereafter to ensure that there was an organization in North America that would provide a political home for Irish American activists who believed -- not in half measures or so called 'New Departures' -- but the undiluted Republicanism of 1916.


Cumann na Saoirse congratulates Ó Brádaigh on his outstanding service and we extend to Uachtarán Des Dalton, the Ard Chomhairle and entire membership our best wishes for the future.

Stepping down as Uachtarán, Ruaırí was appointed Patron by the last Árd Fheıs. In this position he succeeds Dan Keating, General Tom Maguire and, Michael Flannery and George Harrison, who were two founding members of Cumann na Saoırse Náısıúnta. We have no doubt that Ruaırí will continue to provide both leadership and guidance for a long time to come.

The NIFC will continue to support those in Ireland whose Republicanism is consistent with that of the leaders of Easter week.  We will continue to promote the Irish-authored Eire Nua program for an all-Ireland, four province federal system of government in the context of a British withdrawal from the six occupied counties. Eire Nua is the Republican alternative to the partitionist parliaments of Leinster House and Stormont, both of which were created and imposed on the Irish people by England. Indeed, the very framework of Eire Nua embodies the aspirations of the Easter Proclamation in a solid and workable political formula.

We will continue to support the imprisoned members of the Republican Movement. We pledge to support their campaign for political status. We will continue to support CABHAIR in its charitable work helping the dependents of political prisoners.

Before leaving here today let us all together rededicate ourselves to the Republic of Easter Week, and let us always remember those down the years such as Joe Stynes who never wavered. We should be forever grateful that our history has provided us such people who lives can guide and inspire us.

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