Easter Message 2009

  We would like to send greetings of well wishes and solidarity to all Republicans in Ireland, Australia, the United States and elsewhere around the world on this; the 93rd anniversary of the Easter Rising.  We stand, shoulder to shoulder with those who reject any agreement that usurps the Republic that was declared on the steps of the GPO on that Easter Monday.  Cumann Na Saoirse Náısıúnta would also like to extend greetings to those Republicans being held in prison.  Imprisoned for nothing more then being patriotic and following the example of Easter 1916.  They also continue to battle for the reintroduction of political status fought for and achieved in 1981 by the blanketmen and particularly Bobby Sands in unison with the other hunger strikers.  Unfortunately, the efforts of those brave men and what they accomplished in the face of some of the worst brutality the world has ever seen, was signed away by the Provisionals with the Good Friday Agreement; an agreement to capitulate to English rule. 

 As we gather here today to remember Joseph Stynes, the lifelong republican, recent events in Ireland, highlight the length that those forces opposed to the Republican ideal are willing to go to extinguish the flame of Irish freedom.  An interesting dichotomy arises when we take a brief look at what is unfolding at this very minute in Ireland.  In various locations throughout the island, politicians are gathering to allegedly commemorate Irish freedom fighters from years past.  However, British minister Mr. McGuinness offered comments regarding the death of two British army personnel and the death of an RUC/PSNI officer by forces opposed to British occupation. Mr. McGuinness labeled the groups responsible for those actions as, “traitors”.  At the time of the Easter Rising, those responsible, Pearse, Connolly, Clarke, and others were labeled traitors as well.  Britain was engaged in a war against the Central Powers and any act of rising against their rule, was considered treasonous.  So this Easter, Mr. McGuinness and other members of his colonial party will attend Easter commemorations through out Ireland. 

To stand at a grave in the Garden of Remembrance or in Milltown, or at any number of sites and declare that the actions of brave volunteers 25 or 35 or 90 years ago is somehow distinctly different from fighting the oppression today that still exists, is simply a lie.  Ruaırí Ó Brádaıgh and others warned us all, that this would be the logical progression of events when the leadership of the Provisionals turned their back on Republicanism. 

  It is as important today, as it was in any other time in Irish history for those of us who understand, appreciate and uphold those beliefs enshrined in the Easter proclamation to renew our efforts and allegiance and continue to strive for a 32 County Republic.  We must persevere to promote the only reasonable solution to the conflict in Ireland.  The removal of the British presence and the implementation of the Éıre Nua program. 

 Éıre Nua provides for a federal system of government consisting of the four provinces of Ireland; Munster, Leinster, Connacht, and Ulster.  Each region would have a provincial parliament with a federal Parliament at the center.  These regional parliaments would share power with the federal Parliament.   When first introduced Éıre Nua was so well received by all sections of Irish society that the Dublin government in fear of such a radical, workable alternative to Leinster House, swiftly acted against Republican Sinn Fein with the Section 31 ban, prohibiting the voice or image of Republican Sinn Fein in the media. 

   Easter 2009 sees much of the same censorship and draconian measures used by the establishment to silence the Republican movement.  We collectively must and will continue to educate and advocate for the implementation of the Eire Nua program to end hundreds of years of occupation, discrimination and suffering on the part of the Irish people.

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